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Phone Systems (digital, analogue, IP or any combination)

Symtel provide and install many brands of phone systems offering the technical flexibility to suit you. Symtel chooses phone systems that equip the business with tools to enhance client communication with your office, employee mobility and are user-friendly.

We can also provide and install additional extensions for existing phone systems of most brands, even if they are older models.

Service – Phone Technicians

Symtel phone technicians are experienced in fixing and/or programming most of the brands of PABX in the market. Examples from a long list are NEC, Panasonic, Avaya, Siemens, Nortel, Samsung, Commander, LG and Mitel. Our technicians also do a lot of internal relocations of phones for businesses. And they can train clients not only to use the phones but to do simple programming.

If you experience a phone fault, our phone technicians can fix the cabling, install a filter, replace phone equipment, reprogram or at the very least isolate the fault and give you the accurate language to use to report to your carrier if the fault is proved to the network. Our phone technicians are highly skilled technicians who can also facilitate the complex cutover of telephony services between carriers.

Other capabilities of Symtel phone technicians include:

  • Structured Cabling (solutions and certification)
  • Fibre Optics (design, installation and certification)
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Pit, pipe and external cabling solutions
  • Telstra lead-in cable repair, relocation and upgrade

Headsets (wired or wireless)

Symtel supplies well-known brands of headsets that are straightforward and designed for desktop phone systems with easy-to-use call control features and implementation. If required, Symtel phone technicians can install the headsets for your staff.

Cordless Phones

Symtel supplies well-known brands of cordless phones designed for quality, convenience, are uncomplicated and reliable. There is also a range of tough cordless phones specifically suited to factory use that can come with belt clips and belt pouches and are resistant to water splashes, shocks and dust. If required, Symtel phone technicians can install the cordless phones for you.


Symtel offers solutions that provide the connectivity you need – broadband access for the office, mobile broadband or a dedicated WAN solution across your various offices.


We connect up fixed phone lines – standard PSTN , SIP trunks and ISDN lines. We provide 1800/1300 inbound services. We can help you better manage your costs with a range of phone plans depending on your call patterns.

Broadband Solutions

Solutions are available for small to medium businesses as well as large corporates and include ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ and fixed-line phones up to corporate-grade SHDSL, fibre, private IP services and hosting products.